Novox PC1000 MIC – powermikxer 2 x 300 W/4 Ohm + 2 x MIC
7 June 2013

Novox ONEVOX – active speaker, line array

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Novox ONEVOX is a great portable set that is suitable for any occasion. Modern design, high power and high sound quality will perfectly complement any party. This set can also be used by musicians or as a karaoke system in each of the houses. Recommended for hotels, conference rooms or schools. A set of elegant loudspeakers with 250W power will easily meet the event's publicity requirements for up to 80 people. Configuration of the device is very simple and in less than a minute we can enjoy the great sound from Novox ONEVOX. 

Bandwidth: 45Hz-18kHz
Woofer: 1×10
Midrange speaker: 4×3
Tweeter: 4×1
Amplifier: class D; Bi-amp
250W power
Maximum volume: 120dB
Inputs: XLR; TRS; AUX; USB; Bluetooth
Outputs: XLR