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For over a decade, Novox has proudly led the way in designing and producing some of the finest audio solutions available. With relentless focus on performance, dependability, and value, Novox offers a range of professional products designed to deliver the tools audio creatives demand. That’s why we’ve become the audio gear of choice for performers, composers, artists, DJs, gamers, and podcasters around the world.
From stage to studio, street corners to concert halls, Novox offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of the most demanding artists, while making them easy enough for anyone to operate. While many companies can design great equipment, NOVOX brings years of expertise and research to our products, giving our customers a wide range of products to address every need, every scenario, every experience level, and every budget.

New Standards for Wireless Sound

In 2008, Novox introduced the NVX Series, immediately setting a new standard in the price/quality ratio. Since then, more than 10,000 NVX systems have been delivering rock-solid performance for users worldwide. Today, Novox FREE Series enable users to run up to 12 systems simultaneously – something formerly only possible with systems costing several times more.

The Microphone that Won the Internet

The Novox NC-1 USB microphone marked another milestone for the company. Easily compatible with Windows and MacOS, the NC-1 has become an undisputed leader in its category, beating out well-known competitors costing far more. It’s the go-to microphone for recording, podcasting, streaming, and gaming.

Sound Systems for Every Need and Every Budget

Led by the flagship NV12 and NV15, Novox offers a wide range of sound systems for mobile and installed applications.
Our M Series mixers deliver powerful performance and solid, dependable design that compares with well-known and far more expensive brands.

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Leading Through Innovation

Novox engineers are dedicated to pushing the envelope, packing more features, more performance, and more value into every one of our products.

At Novox, our focus is on building the best products at the best price, and giving you the best tools to create your best work. Novox is your voice.