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You’re going live on the Web in 3…2…1. You need to look good, and sound even better. Novox has you covered. Novox NC Series microphones have been the go-to mics for live streamers, gamers, and podcasters for over a decade. Novox mics deliver professional, broadcast-quality audio, with rock solid, dependable performance, day after day.

YouTuber / Podcaster

Your content defines you. It’s why people tune in, and what keeps them coming back. It needs to stand out from the crowd. That’s why you want Novox in your corner. Novox NC Series mics deliver great sounding, stunningly real audio that helps your content cut through the noise and connect with your audience. Because no one has time for bad sound.

Music Creator

Creativity is a process. When you’re in the zone, it’s no time to be distracted by bad sound or equipment problems. You need equipment you can count on to sound good and work seamlessly. Gear that’s easy to use and doesn’t get in your way, turning you into tech support when you want to be creating. Novox gives you the tools you need to capture great sounding audio, with none of the hassle of troubleshooting and head scratching to pull you out of the creative zone. Create with Novox.


Your audience is expecting great things. Novox helps you deliver. With wireless microphones designed to capture your voice and your instrument at their best. And a wide selection of portable powered PA systems to help that great sound come alive. From intimate gatherings to rocking parties, from small presentations to addressing the crowd, Novox has the sound you need to make every performance count.


You’ve come to entertain. Your mission is to pump up the crowd. To get them moving, keep them on the dance floor, and make the evening memorable. Your sound has to be nothing less than stellar. And that’s where Novox comes in. Novox brings you a complete range of some of the best sounding portable powered PA systems available. Novox powered PA systems give you clear, crystalline highs and powerful, sneaker-shaking lows, in portable, compact form factors that are easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to set up…so you can give your guests an evening to love..

Live Events

Whether you’re throwing a party or hosting a presentation, your event is only as good as your sound. From getting them up and dancing to getting your point across, it’s all about getting the audio right. Novox gives you everything you need to make it happen. From microphones and wireless systems that capture the sound, to portable powered PA systems that bring it home to your audience, Novox has long been the first choice of professionals worldwide. Our FREE Series UHF mics are renowned by pros for their great sound and solid performance. And our MC, Mobivox, and Mobilte Series portable PAs give you powerful sound that will cover anything from a small gathering to a concert crowd, with the rugged durability to pump up the volume night after night. Count on Novox to make your next event your best sounding event.